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The Eating Coach

Dec 4, 2020 has all  the details for my upcoming masterclass on stopping Christmas binge eating - 13th December.

How to stop Christmas binge eating? The answer to that is that you ask a very similar, but subtly different question. One that will empower you to do exactly what the title of this week’s episode is seeking.

It is very important to avoid being perfectionist about this. Isn’t that what has got you into that painful binge-restrict cycle before?

Harriet! How do you know me so well?

A: Because I was you. For almost three decades.


This episode is divided into 4 sections



Your problem with compulsive eating at Christmas is NOT that you lack willpower and all that food is so hard to resist. The issue is more complex, and far more interesting.


The real issue is that the festive season has become so overloaded with pressure to conform and somehow be good at Yuletide. Provide the best spread. Make sure everyone is happy.


For my clients, especially women over 30, bingeing is really a wake up call. Their soul will no longer tolerate being good little girls anymore, but they haven’t yet discovered a way to rebel against these unrealistic pressures directly,


So food becomes the fall guy.


Maybe this time of year is NOT the monent to face up to such existential questions. However, you CAN make things easier on yourself by understanding the true dynamic at play.


3 Strategies To Deal With Binge Eating At Christmas


#1 Replacements

...But not any old healthy snacks you have found in your local health food store. And neither will a boring old apple suffice.

Listen to this episode and find out the key distinctions you need to understand about replacements this Yule.


#2 Plan ahead

Planning ahead to deal with difficult situations is surprisingly effective. Listen to find out more


#3 Get some space

You need time for yourself, especially if you feel overloaded. The obviousness of this statement is not lost on me. The point I want to make here is that there is work to do for many compulsive eaters in actually allowing them that space.



Masterclass details here


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