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The Eating Coach

Jul 29, 2020

ADVANCE NOTICE: Upcoming Programme September 2020 for empaths

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In today’s episode, I talk about stress eating through a rather unusual lens and help you do a 180 on how you see it.

By the way, if we are taking about stress eating, we are...

Jul 15, 2020

The Eating Coach turns 3 today, so it’s time to light the candles on the (sugar-free) cake and listen to some of your favourite bits from the last 150 episodes. Starring Brad Pitt, the Roman empire and a veeeery dodgy prescription courtesy of your local...beautician. You couldn't make this stuff up.


Jul 1, 2020



On the 15th July this podcast turns 3. I want to hear from you – what was your favourite episode? Email me:

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“I binged...

Jun 18, 2020

This is a bonus episode which takes an extract from my other podcast, Harry Potter Saved My Life. Although that podcast does not usually talk about eating problems, I do here - and the invisible pricetags of binge and compulsive eating - and how you can stop creating them for...

Jun 10, 2020

…Starring The Failure of Willpower and a bright red pair of knitted shackles…

Have you ever considered that there might be hidden opportunities – hidden in plain sight, no less – to reclaim your life from food – opportunities that are available to you 24/7, but never more so than now, as we start to ease...