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The Eating Coach

Nov 28, 2018

Some real, actionable ways to get through the holidays without eating your own weight in junk food.

Stupid Idea Of The Week

Trying to have a perfect holiday season. Forget it! This may sound super obvious, but will you remember the joys of imperfectionism when Aunty Flo is breathing down your neck?


Main Section


Nov 24, 2018

Episode 89: "Would you like to upgrade?" is a seemingly innocent enquiry. Today's Saturday Question ask if you would like to anti-upgrade - and why. All will become clear in the next 4 minutes.

Nov 17, 2018

An extra episode for Thanksgiving. Everyone would ideally like to eat less than they did last year at this time – but today I explain how the question how do I do this? is not actually the route to achieving that. It contains within it a hopeless kind of perfectionism that will backfire on you within days, if not...

Nov 14, 2018

Just back from her Edinburgh Festival run of the one-woman show Ghosted, Sarah talks to me about how her anorexia developed in her teens, how leaving home and the pressures of university life affected it, and how she got over this condition.

*Stupid Idea of The Week*

"Food is the enemy"... I let rip again!



Nov 10, 2018

Today's Saturday Question is inspired by a silent ambulance. Is there tension? Not really. Is there bloodshed? Not that I know of. Are there any lessons for us? Yup. Listen and learn.