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The Eating Coach

Jul 30, 2017

Just a quick heads up about this coming Wednesday's episode.

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Jul 26, 2017

We all know we are getting too hooked on Facebook and all the other social media platforms. But has it occured to you that this digital addiction is encouraging eating problems and body hatred? In episode 6 I explore how...and give you a couple of more constructive suggestions than 'ration/get rid of it'. PLUS my first...

Jul 19, 2017

The best movies have some liberating truths to tell us about our lives - especially our struggles with food.


Today I take three quotes from three different films and dive deep into how they can help you reclaim your life from food.


In this episode:


*Stupid Idea of The Week*

The most universally hated diet I...

Jul 11, 2017

The sugar episode. I lived under the shadow of sugar for almost three decades. I got my exit visa from sugar hell five years ago. Scratch that - I issued my own visa. There are different factors in my success - but getting out of the guilt trap was key for me.


I hope this episdode will de guilt you about your...

Jul 10, 2017

In this episode:


Stupid Idea of The Week

This week it is the treadmill bike. I actually changed my mind while researching what I now consider to be a fantastic fitness invention. Listen as I desribe my OWN (completely not BS) cheaper alternatives. And listen while you can, because these ideas will make me millions by...