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The Eating Coach

Nov 22, 2017

Today in The Eating Coach podcast, I give you some practical ways to deal with Thanksgiving and other feast days, which are potential breeding grounds for overeating and bingeing. I want to give you the tools to enjoy these events as much as possible. An impossible dream? I don’t think so.


*Stupid Idea of The Week* cheat days. I uncover the thinking behind this and how it takes no account of the human need for pleasure. Sounds wrong? Aren’t they all about pleasure? Well, yes BUT cheat days assume that a healthy life equals a boring, pleasureless existence. Your body will rebel against this. In this section I tell you how to resolve this conflict.

Cheat days are also a terrible way to prepare yourself to navigate celebrations where overeating is the norm.


*How To Stop Overeating At Celebrations*

A series of practical ways to reduce compulsive eating at Thanksgiving, Eid, Passover, Christmas, Rosh Hashanah or any other religious feast time.

I divide this talk into two sections: Celebrations where food is integral and compulsory, and those events where it is optional but there is an abundance of junk.


*How you can prepare ahead of time

*Think about what you could say to the host - even if they always pressure you to eat three helpings

*The one phrase that will help you adjust your expectations on these occasions



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