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The Eating Coach

Nov 15, 2017

It's time to own our abnormality! In today's show, I want to fight the oft-repeated phrase I just want to be normal. Whether they are talking about their eating, or their personality, I believe that there is no normal. Let's explore this.

*Stupid Idea of The Week*

There just seems to be no end of stupid ideas to lambast. This week we investigate how to ruin a really, really nice glass of wine (cue exasperated sigh). All I can say is: listen and weep. With a mini rant on why calorie counting has failure built in.


*Main section*

Who Wants To Be Normal Anyway? Today I challenge this. 

Being out of control around food can prompt a desire to be "normal". However, it has such wildly differing definitions throughout history and across the globe today. This word is nothing but the agreed upon beliefs and traditions of the people around us. 

It really is an expression of the need for acceptance. In this episode, I divide this concept into two separate parts. I explain what these are, as well as:

*The phrase that means two completely different things, depending on how you say it

*The new normal you really do not want to be a part of

*How normal equals mediocrity



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