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The Eating Coach

Jul 11, 2022

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You've heard of dinner dates, right?

But have you ever thought about dating your dinner???

You: What madness is this, Harriet? 

Me: This quite ludicrous title hides a very powerful shift that is the foundation for this work.

It is highly likely that for a long time you have been in a parent-child dynamic with how you eat.

Basically this involves the diet being the strict parent and the dieter being the naughty child who cannot be trusted to make their own food choices.

Looking to a diet or personal trainer or ANY external meal plan for instructions you must slavishly adhere to in meal planning and eating is to risk putting yourself in the naughty child role - because too often these meal plans etc are sold as temporary escapism.

Think: lose 10lbs in a week and so on.

No human (except those giving birth) can do so sustainably.

Instead, we are going to EXPERIMENT with trying new ways of eating. Think of me as a matchmaker, helping you find the best way to eat for yourself. If I was a dating coach, my job would not be to force my idea of Mr or Mrs Perfect onto you, but to help you meet someone who is good for you, but also that you want to date again.

Cheers now


PS I will be  in the Eating Coach Facebook group tomorrow (Wed 13th) for a new weeklyfeature - talks called What Really Works Wednesdays. I'm going to talk about something called the parent - child dynamic that is at the heart of so many compulsive eaters' food issues.

If you are not already in the group, join here:

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