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The Eating Coach

Feb 10, 2021

Go to to secure your place for the experiment next week. It’s free, so this should be an easy yes!

In 2018 I did an intermittent fasting experiment. In this episode I discuss my recent learnings from a new experiment I have been doing, as well as listeners’ views on the matter.

I discuss if this mode of eating is restrictive or freedom giving.

Listener quote

‘IF has so many options, that’s what works so well, it’s finding what works with your circumstances. It’s endlessly flexible, this removes the common feelings of failure that are a part of ‘diet plans’. If you have an opportunity to enjoy food and company, just change things around.

I don’t know that there is one person who has ever fixed the problem, it’s a matter of management over a lifetime, a lifetime that you want to be enjoyable.’



IF EXPERIMENT – W/C 15th February

This is two-day experiment that will take place on Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18th February. If you want to move the two days you are welcome to, but be aware that there will be some Zoom calls so you may want to do this alongside others/

Be aware that it will also require some preparation time.

This experiment has been designed for anyone who is interested in intermittent fasting (IF) but has misgivings or questions about its workability, especially if you have a history of compulsive eating. 

You are also welcome if you have some experience with IF and are looking to optimise it or try out a different approach. 

How It Works

You can do the experiment alone, or join the Zoom and/or Facebook group. This will open on Saturday 13th Feb.

There will be a Zoom call on Monday 15th at 8pm GMT where I will answer any questions you might have. I will also share some ideas on the experimental mindset and how important this is

Day One is Tuesday 16th February. On this day, you are going to try IF on this day anyway you like. You choose the eating window and what foods you eat.

I will lead another Zoom call on Tuesday at 4pm then again at 9pm GMT, when I will release the 3 guidelines for Thursday’s IF day.

Day Two is Thursday 16th February. On this day you will be following 3 guidelines that I will release on Tuesday evening. These are the guidelines I use myself and have found to be very user friendly for any recovering compulsive. You then have Wednesday to get ready for Thursday, in terms of buying and preparing food. I suggest setting aside 60-90 minutes on Wednesday, although you may not need all of this time. NB You do not need an hour and a half a day for the rest of time to implement my IF approach ! Hurray! !

There will be a third Zoom call on Thursday at 4pm and again at 9pm to wrap things up.



The first IF episode


Email me

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