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The Eating Coach

Nov 27, 2022

Find out more about the Thrive event on 30th November here


Get your video clips for the anti-cravings game here

In this episode I am going to share a simple game you can use to walk away from processed...

Nov 17, 2022

Find out more about the Thrive event here:


This is a replay of episode 88: How to eat less at Thanksgiving, where I give a useful reframe of that question to make the 24th November (as well as the whole of December)...

Nov 9, 2022

This episode is a follow on from episode 207 on your body as your long lost twin. Listen to that here:

Today I talk about three ways to reconnect to that long lost twin inside you and make those important health and weight goals much more...

Oct 30, 2022

Join the free planning session for the 3x1 project on Tues 1st Nov 8pm UK/4pm EST (Note different time difference this week only)

The 3x1 Project is a one month, low maintenance way to slide a healthy new habit into your busy life - right under the radar of your self sabotage! 

Oct 28, 2022

Get your link for the 3x1 project Zoom call on Tues 1 Nov:

Halloween - (A) time of stealing from the sweet mountain your home has turned into….

…or (B) time to overstep your perceived limitations and manage the temptation more easily than you could have believed?

If you...