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The Eating Coach

Aug 29, 2018

Intermittent fasting presents some unique challenges for you if you have a difficult history with food – so how can you approach it without slipping back into a deprivation-binge-guilt cycle? This episode has some practical ideas.


Stupid Idea of The Week

Oh dear. One of the most stupid mistakes I have made in a LONG time. Yes this week’s slice of idiocy is brought to you by The Eating Coach herself!


My Intermittent Fasting Experiment

I have been trying out IF for about a month now and I today hope to cut through some of the myths and mistruths peddled by certain bloggers parading their individual experience as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

What’s in this episode:

*What exactly IS intermittent fasting?

*Health benefits

*Why an experimental approach is essential

*Which of the 2 types of IF you should experiment with

*Why I am doing this experiment

*My results so far



‘The Blood Sugar Solution’ is by Dr Mark Hyman


Free hidden sugars checklist: