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The Eating Coach

Jan 23, 2019

Guilty pleasure - just a harmless bit of fun, surely? A treat after a hard day’s work? Nope – unless you actually want to saddle yourself with a price tag of inadequacy and misery. Let’s look at some better alternatives that allow you pleasure without the pain.


STUPID ARTICLE OF THE WEEK one I found wilting beside a supermarket till, announcing ‘My food shame made me lose 5 stone’. I look at some of the backdoor toxic pressure underlying this seemingly good news.



Embedded in the very concept of guilty pleasure is the conflict between feeling guilty for pleasure, and on the other hand, legitimising the experience. This is just one of the reasons that this seemingly harmless form of fun is a breeding ground for disaster.

I talk about:

  • How we have an overload of pleasure today
  • What The Space Shuttle has got to do with any of this
  • Why some shame is an illusion
  • The underated role that rule breaking has in this behaviour, and its link to the issue of power as regards compulsive eaters
  • What to replace this thinking with



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