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The Eating Coach

Nov 28, 2018

Some real, actionable ways to get through the holidays without eating your own weight in junk food.

Stupid Idea Of The Week

Trying to have a perfect holiday season. Forget it! This may sound super obvious, but will you remember the joys of imperfectionism when Aunty Flo is breathing down your neck?


Main Section

Here are four anti-stress strategies to stop you binge eating during the upcoming festivities:

#1 Complaining…but complaining in a very specific way. Yes, you heard me right. It’s time for a strategy called Hard Times.

Wishcraft is by Barbara Sher


#2 Subscribe...Make sure you are subscribed to this show, because on the 23rd Deceember I have The Holiday Survival Kit for you – a series of daily minisodes to get through the festivities.


#3 Distraction

Cordial and Corrosive is by Sophie Hannah


#4 The Movie Question


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