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The Eating Coach

Sep 12, 2018

"Something broke open inside me" - One woman's story of how she reclaimed her life from bulimia.

*Stupid Idea of The Week*

I am eternally grateful for the idiots on the Interwebs for giving me a really, really good laugh this week. Did you know that...chocolate is spiritual??? Listen and weep (hopefully with laughter)

Main section: Recovering from Bulimia with Melissa Monte 

Today I interview Melissa Monte, host of the popular podcast Mind Love about her recovery from bulimia. This is an honest and raw interview where she very generously shares not just her triumphs but about the difficult times when she didn't believe she would ever be free of her eating disorder.

In this episode:

*A more helpful, user-friendly definition of mindfulness

*What helped her recover

*How working around - instead of directly on - her bulimia was the key to recovery

*The deeper meaning behind purging

*How recovery always involves consciously managing our eating

*The one piece of advice Melissa would give her younger self

*One way you can be more mindful - today



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