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The Eating Coach

Aug 15, 2018

Is that phrase – feel the fear and do it anyway – mere words to you? What if applying it seems as doable as unicycling backwards through a hedge, while taking the MENSA entrance exam?

I have some ideas for you - or rather, Veruca Salt does.

Quote of The Week

…is ‘I can handle it’ from Susan Jeffers' classic mentioned above. This is a key component of being able to face your resistance…and the rest of this episode explores exactly how you can get to the ‘I can handle it’ state.

The key here is…Veruca Salt. Ah yes, everybody’s favourite spoilt brat from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Confused? Well just listen in and all will be revealed.


How to Really Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

Feel the fear and do it anyway is so often used that it has become an axiom, one of those self-evident truths that we should be able to use to spur us to action. But what if you feel unable to FTFADIA? This is relevant to compulsive and binge eating because food is often used as a way to manage the fear that we are not processing by seeing it through to its logical conclusion.

Discover what the Veruca salt reframe is

Find out what sort of fears the Veruca Salt reframe will work for and how you can use her as a resilience training programme.