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The Eating Coach

Jun 20, 2018

Is cheese addictive? As for so many foodstuffs, scientists cannot agree. If however, you feel compulsive around Wallace and Gromit's favourite snackable, this episode has some ideas to help navigate yet another minefield of confusion in the world of nutrition.


*Stupid Idea of The Week*

"The huge online gaming craze Fortnite is a problem". No it is NOT. It is our kids' relationship to the game. We can apply the same principle to junk food.


*Main section: Is Cheese Addictive?*

Did you know that cheese contains casein, a protein that has opioid-like qualities? So if you ever feet a mild high from this foodstuff, that is what you are experiencing. One doctor has even described cheese as 'dairy crack'. On the other hand, experts say that no, cheese isn't really addictive. So what do we do amidst all this confusion?

Also, ideas about how to deal with cheese if you feel compulsive.



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