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The Eating Coach

Feb 7, 2018 What cover stories do we tell ourselves to legitimise a binge? More importantly, how is that binge a cover story for a deeper problem in your life? These can be uncomfortable, yet incredibly liberating questions. Come with me and let’s find out the answer.

Stupid Idea of The Week
Is the concept of loss when applied to weight. Find out why it is a stupid verb to use in this context, and what to replace it with

Food Lies
Let’s look at some of the untruths we deceive ourselves in order to continue diminishing our lives with compulsion, and how we use food as a really understandable invisible cover story for deeper issues.

Find out:

- The difference between a lazy and safety cover story

- The difference between the lies you tell yourself ABOUT food and how food ITSELF can be a cover story - a deeply self-critical one that masks a far more neutral, compassionate truth. Don’t you want to discover what that is?

- What Cavebrain is

- How you can start to uncover your own cover stories right now


Episode 19: Me Too

Harry Potter Saved My Life podcast

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