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The Eating Coach

EC 213: The 40 Over 40 Campaign with Julie Richards

Dec 15, 2022

Photographer Julie Richards pops into Eating Coach HQ to talk all things 40 Over 40…her innovative campaign to build women’s sense of self. This is a photoshoot with built-in confidence building powers! 

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The 40 Over 40 Campaign

Julie says: “The 40 over 40 campaign is to empower woman over 40 and above,through beautiful images. There is no upper age limit! I want mature woman who have a story to tell or just want to be seen. 

Maybe life has gotten in the way of how they see themselves. We lead busy lives and spin many plates and very often we put ourselves last before everybody else! The menopause hits and we suddenly feel invisible and don't like the we look and feel anymore. The connection to ourselves has become lost but, we are still that same beautiful woman and our loved ones still see our beauty even when we do not. 

Through this campaign I want you to see yourself how others see you. I want you to really look at yourself and say 'wow' that's me! I am amazing! 

I can bring out the inner you in different ways. Flirty, fun, sexy, bold and strong! You can be one of those or all of them. This experience is designed around and for you. With a mood board, professional hair and makeup, up to 5 outfit changes (I have some amazing gowns) style guide and beauty guide along with the fully guided photo shoot it is an experience not to be missed. 

Once all 40 ladies have been photographed it will culminate in an evening of celebration. We will come together and celebrate our beautiful selves in style!


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