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The Eating Coach

Jul 15, 2020

The Eating Coach turns 3 today, so it’s time to light the candles on the (sugar-free) cake and listen to some of your favourite bits from the last 150 episodes. Starring Brad Pitt, the Roman empire and a veeeery dodgy prescription courtesy of your local...beautician. You couldn't make this stuff up.

BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY FOR EVERY LISTENER- Ends this Sunday 19th July (Well 8am on July 20th UK time to be precise!)

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…plus a brand-new…

Stupid Idea of The Week

One of my group coaching clients, Louise, drops in (digitally, of course) to share her own dieting disaster story: the skinny jab.


Main Section

I play extracts chosen by listeners

EXTRACT #1 – The limits of goal setting (and my football knowledge!)

The 14 Days to Freedom From Sugar programme:


EXTRACT #2 – How wheat helped build The Roman Empire from episode 53

Starring psychoactive peptides and The Hunger Games



EXTRACT #3 – from episode #76 – De-clutter and de-binge


EXTRACT #4 Stupid Idea of The Week from episode 87

Starring Brad Pitt and a dish of yams!


EXTRACT #5 From The Body Confident Project (episode #124)

Find out more about The Body Confident project itself at


If you are interested in seeing what the retreat can do for your compulsive and binge eating, go to


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