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The Eating Coach

Jan 29, 2020

Captain America, Ironman and The Black Widow…they may be drawing in the crowds at the box office, but they ain’t got nothing on this, The Secret Superpower of Recovery.

Find out what it is in this episode...and what Prince Harry has got to do with any of this.



…is the rather delightful (NOT) comments made by the press regarding Prince Harry’s career plans. He has, in fact, resigned from a job he never even applied for – who would want that duty foisted onto them?

What has all this got to do with binge eating, I hear you ask…well all will be revealed.


The Secret Superpower of Recovery

Hint: this superpower begins with the letter R

Find out:

*What Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice has to do with this

*The B word that this superpower often gets mistaken for

*What The Effortless Tipping Point is




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