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The Eating Coach

Jan 1, 2020

There’s nothing wrong with New Year’s Resolutions (NYRs) in themselves – it’s all about HOW you approach these lifestyle changes. This list may have some mistakes you’ve heard of – but I bet there will be some Aha! Moments as well.

I also show you 3 ways to avoid these 7 pitfalls – all without feeling deprived or bad about yourself.


Shapeshifting 2020

Join this exciting 90 day programme and replace the repeated failures of weight loss with a sustainable and empowering alternative for life: Shapeshifting

  • Uses neuroscience to ramp up your motivation to make the best food choices
  • Small group support
  • Learn the principles of Shapeshifting that turn this struggle into an adventure
  • Develop self-acceptance in your body and mind
  • No set meal plans - instead, sound nutritional principles that you adapt for yourself
  • Calm your inner food rebel using guidelines YOU set for yourself
  • How to turn this challenge into your heroine's journey
  • Fall off the wagon one day? No problem - learn how to neutralise guilt and get back on track ASAP
  • Motivate yourself get more active, no matter how unfit you are
  • The world's most obvious shapeshifting secret - hidden in plain sight. Learn how to implement it
  • The Mindshifts you need - go beyond empty cliches like 'think positive' and overcome your deepest resistance to this change you want so much


Instagram: @eatingcoach

Find out more about the Shapeshifting 2020 group


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