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The Eating Coach

Oct 16, 2019

Portion control is a great thing to focus on – but only if you have already got it. Virtually all clients, when they come to me, start off with lack of control uppermost in their mind. However, when they change their eating habits, they never rejoice “Control! I have control!” So what is going on here? 



…the Fridgecam. Why use your own basic intelligence when you can hand all your power over to AI?



We tend to think of control as a good thing, that it is the royal road to considered moderation. It is a great way to DESCRIBE a state of affairs where moderation is natural and unforced.

Control as a tool for change is however a disaster, because it is to us ideal as a tool for change.

Control wants to squash the external manifestations of control. This will not work if your compulsive overeating is fuelled by an inner rebel (created partly by the deprivation of diets and other forms of nutritional self-harm).

Control says ‘I don’t trust myself’ – in fact it is about using mistrust as a weapon against yourself.

In this episode, discover:

*A useful way to stop using the word ‘control’

*3 alternatives to portion control (14m 22)

*What teenagers have to teach us about this issue

*The A word that you can replace control with

*An eating game you can try today



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Produced by Louis Morris