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The Eating Coach

Oct 2, 2019

NB Link to the documentary below...This is not just another review – in this episode I am going to not only talk about this documentary, but describe what the next steps are for anyone with low body confidence…which is just about everyone.

What do you get when you put reality TV, airbrushed perfectionism and cyberbullying together? A poignant portrait of how toxic body shaming can – well, let’s not say ruin someone’s life – because there is always hope…and actionable ideas that every woman can put into practice. Jesy Nelson of Little Mix fame tells the story of the cyberbullying she was subjected to even before she had won The X Factor and the start of recovery.

The question is…

What next?

In tomorrow’s extra episode I will be talking about The Body Confident Project and how this is the next step on from the awareness that Jesy and millions of women like her need to stand aside from their body hatred and stop trash talking themselves.

From “I can’t look in the mirror’"to “I look great” in less than a month…is it really possible?

Listen in and let’s see…



The Body Confident Project


@bodyconfidentproject on Instagram


Watch ‘Odd One Out’ here:


The Guardian review