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The Eating Coach

May 29, 2019

Feeling guilty because you read or watched ‘The Secret’ and just didn’t manifest that toned new body well enough? Wonder what in the name of Rhonda you’ve done wrong as your beach body plan turns to binge baddy disaster?

Fear not, for ‘tis not your fault.

In this episode I tell you why I believe the law of attraction (in the form it is presented by books such as The Secret) is 90% drivel, 8% commonsense and 2% pure gold. I see this book as a superficial parody of an extremely powerful set of principles that can be the springboard for you to change your life.

Over the course of the next two episodes, I am going to

#1 Dismantle the nonsense and release you from any feelings of inadequacy you made have been experiencing trying to apply the LoA

#2 Give you an alternative that goes deeper and is far more realistic than the version that you have been attempting to follow – and that will be in the next episode, a fortnight today.

In this first part, I hope to achieve #1. We look at the two camps that have sprung up when this topic is discussed.



#1 It relies 100% on visionary thinking, which has a shelf life which can be veeeeeery short, depending on how great your resistance is.


#2 The snide and sneaky pressure to feel good 24/7


#3 The ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ language


***Watch out for part two next time***



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