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The Eating Coach

Apr 17, 2019

Welcome to the first of a 6-part Chocoholics' Survival Kit for The Easter weekend. I help you get through the Easter weekend with all of its cravings without you feeling terrible. If you have ever, like this podcaster, had to replace your kids’ Easter eggs, this one is for you….

Today I tell you the worst approach for compulsives at Easter – which I  funnily enough the most popular one.

It is HFTBing.

Find out what this is and one concrete alternative.

In the rest of this series which you can access at, find out….

*How to translate guilt over food compulsion

*How intolerance can be your best friend at this time of year

*How a 1950’s B Movie that you can go and watch completely free on YouTube can help release you from the loneliness you feel about avoiding junk over the Easter weekend

*Ridiculous  ways to spend your money – but ones that are still not as bonkers as buying Easter eggs

*The two things that you absolutely need to acknowledge if you are going to navigate Easter Sunday

*Discount-proofing your craving: how to avoid half-price chocolate

*What the Spanish Armada, Bear Grylls and the roman emperor Caligula has to do with all of this