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The Eating Coach

Jan 12, 2019

This Saturday Question takes as its inspiration another hilarious extract from David Walliams, this time from The World's Worst Children II. Meet Humbeert, the veeeeeeery hungry baby. But that is not what interest me here. It is his mother I want to talk about...

Jan 9, 2019

I present 6 guiding principles that will turn your January goal setting from falling off the cliff of good intentions and help you create sustainable change.



*Poem of The Week*

I wish my soul,

Was given to me on a plate,

I'd eat it whole,

So it can reintegrate.

Everybody took a piece,

Leaving me to feel...

Jan 5, 2019

What if a device could tell you exactly how satisfied you’d be with any decision? So goes the blurb for the inspiration for today's Saturday Question  - a short play called The Decider.

Find out what it is about, and how it led me to today's episode idea...oh yes, and go and listen to this excellent 'movie for...

Jan 1, 2019

In this last installemnt of The Holiday Survival Kit, I explain the fundamental mindset error that leads to New Year's Resolutions fail - and what you can do about it.

Starring me and a certain Mr Sutherland....



The Freedom From Sugar Programme is at


Find out about 1...