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The Eating Coach

Sep 4, 2019

Today a Stupid Idea of The Week that does have a grain of truth about the causes of obesity. It is too easy to throw the baby out with the public health bathwater when it comes to OTT toxic nonsense. Yes, it’s Michael Buerk’s ridiculous anti-obese people rant. And yes, it does have something to push the debate...

Aug 21, 2019

Some Stupid Ideas of The Week you have to experience them to get the full force of their idiocy. Yes, dear listeners, I would just LOVE to tell you this was someone else's tale of fizzy woe, but I cannot lie.

Listen and (unlike me) manage quite easily to not weep.

Also today: Real Success to turn failure...

Aug 7, 2019

Getting over binge or compulsive eating is hard – and we often tell ourselves stories called ‘I Can’t Do It’ when that discomfort hits home. In this episode I give you a reframe to help you manage and move through the discomfort of reclaiming your life from food. Hint: It’s called The FeelGood Factory...


Jul 24, 2019

What do Apollo 13, Hidden Figures and The Guinness Book of World Records all have in common?

Why, today's episode of course!

Listen and see what I mean...


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Jul 10, 2019

Today an update on my no coffee experiment I started on 1st January this year, plus why the subject of caffeine and coffee is relevant on a show about eating compulsion

Plus some funny quotes about diets.