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The Eating Coach

Nov 8, 2017

Fasting has a great reputation in the wellness industry, whether it be water or juicefasting. But is is a step too far for food compulsives?

Stupid Idea Of The Week

Q: What is worse for you than drinks laced with processed sugar, but has a better reputation than the Dalai Lama teaching Mother Theresa to meditatate?

A: Fruit juice.

This is not only Stupid Idea of The Week, it's the winner of this century's most believable health myth. I've fallen for it, just like you. 

I explain why it is so bad for you, but why you should not necssarily ban it completely.


...we look at fasting - if you have a history of food compulsion, is it too ambitious an idea to try fasting?

...I tell you what the human lottery is, and give you a quick happiness hack that does not rely on empty affirmations.

...And one of my favourite comedians drops in to end the episode on a high.


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