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The Eating Coach

Jan 1, 2023

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Q: What’s better than a New Year’s Resolution?
A: Why, a New Year’s REVOLUTION, of course!

In this episode, I give you a total 180 degree change in how to approach health change at this most failure-prone time of the year that will revolutionise 2023 if you let it. 

The gut is the subject of some rockstar cutting edge research, so why not have the best of both worlds - a huge improvement in your health AND leaving behind struggle?

Resolution smacks of push, push, struggle, do penance for your food sins and try to be a completely different person.

There are two guiding principles to make superpowering your gut health much easier:

#1 Focus on internal health and
#2 Fall in love with the changes you need to make.

As I explain, this is very different from the shame-based external focus of most people’s January ‘do better’ efforts.

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Harriet Morris
Info (at) theshiftinside dot com