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The Eating Coach

Nov 9, 2022

This episode is a follow on from episode 207 on your body as your long lost twin. Listen to that here:

Today I talk about three ways to reconnect to that long lost twin inside you and make those important health and weight goals much more easily achievable.


Reconnection Point 1: Eating Presence

What is eating presence? Well, it’s slow eating, Jim - but not as we know it.

Slow eating has probably the same status in your mind as watching paint dry while being poked with a sharp stick - boring and painful.


No lie - it is uncomfortable. But in the same way that many of the great leaps forward in your life (getting married, becoming a parent, getting the promotion) involved discomfort, it is so worth it.


So what has eating slowly got to do with feeling more connected to your body? Well, when you are eating slowly, you are NOT eating fast - and speed eating is a surefire way to check out of your body. It’s as if you have to drug yourself just to sit next to your wounded self in the canteen of life. It’s like Back to the Future where George McFly is the wounded self, Biff the bully is the inner critic, and Marty (Michael J Fox) is the part of you that is eating slowly to sit by George.


Reconnection Point 2: Evolutionary Psychology

Evolutionary psychology is, in a nutshell, the part of our brain left over from our cavedwelling ancestors: our Cavebrain. Fight or flight is one example - you switch into lightning fast reaction mode if you see a dangerous driver or your child runs into the road.

The great news is that you can use your Cavebrain to feel more body acceptance. 

Reconnection Point 3: Possibility Shifting

People have been in struggle for years and years around their health. Limiting beliefs are the culprit - but simply telling yourself to ignore them. The truth is that these beliefs are a faulty coping mechanism. In this episode I go into more details on this.


Lisa Crofton

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