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The Eating Coach

Nov 1, 2017

Reframe your overwhelming cravings with the help of Einstein and a pink elephant. No willpower necessary. I guarantee this reframe of your overwhelming urge for sugar (or any junk) will be liberating.

*Stupid Idea Of The Week*
This drives me mad. When people use images of junk and sugary treats to illustrate health blogs, eBooks and products, all they are doing is triggering the release of compulsive eaters’ dopamine. This in turn urges you to get the junk and that serotonin high...which inevitably leads to the mood crash and all the rest of it.

*How To Stop Sugar Cravings*
Today I explain how I dismantled my overpowering sugar cravings with the help of Mr Albert Einstein. It all comes down to how you see cravings. Most people look at them as a force that has invaded their mind and takes all of their willpower away. This is not at all helpful. Listen to this reframe of cravings that actually gives you a way to channel, not try to combat them. Because when we feel compulsive, cravings are a battle we will never, ever win.

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Supersize Me by Morgan Spurlock

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