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The Eating Coach

Nov 30, 2021

An interview that makes no mention of food – yes, it’s true! I interview artist Catherine Rains and I wanted to bring you this interview because I extracted so much wisdom from it. Catherine is an amazing human being who has lots of life lessons that will put food out of a job.

At the end of the interview, I discuss two areas relating to compulsive and binge eating that what we talked about

#1 – Non-verbalising feelings

#2 – the difference in language between us. I referred to the victim, where Catherine talks about ‘the child’. How much of the shamed child lives in you, one who is carrying shame that doesn’t belong to her?


“Double-pronged non-resistance”: while continually affirming the job she wanted, she was at the same time embracing the job she had.

How to be unintentionally intentional

The five words anyone can use in a negative situation to feel more empowered

Catherine’s epiphany about non resistance

The non linear nature of change.

How she diverted her energy to sidestep jealousy and intended her way to the job of her dreams

Why affirmations don’t work for so many people - because they are doing this thing alongside the affirmation

Her strategy for releasing fear and dread after her cancer diagnosis (I have never heard this from anyone else)

How she developed compassion for her husband in the midst of her divorce but still shielded herself from his manipulation

Her hilarious way of managing old resentments



Check Catherine out on Instagram: @catrains.artist

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