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The Eating Coach

Jul 29, 2021

In this third part of my series on addiction, I tackle the question of why some foods are just so addictive….or as I want to rephrase it, just why is it so easy to feel compulsive about certain foodstuffs?

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Just exactly why are some foods are just so addictive is actually 2 questions:

#1 What is it about some particular foods (their ingredients, the way they are processed etc) that can encourage compulsion?


#2 Why do we feel compulsive about some foods in the first place? Why do human beings feel they need to manage problems with food at all?

#2 is a more empowering question, because it turns us from passive victims into responsible beings with the power to change our lives.

"A core part of addiction is, I think, about not being able to bear to be present in your life" ~ Johan Hari

Many people don't believe that they can manage their overwhelm and shame - but they CAN.



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