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The Eating Coach

Dec 18, 2020

Last episode was all about practical strategies to reduce binge eating this Christmas. Today is more philosophical. I want you to consider if you have been pitting the festive season against New Year, with Christmas as the pantomime villain and your New Year’s Resolutions (NYRs) as the heroine?


The time to think about this is not 1.1.21, but right now.


What kind of heroine did your NYR turn out to be in 2020?


Here’s an alternative: How about a mental ceasefire? What if your binge eating of late December was not actually your defective shadow side? What if you could step aside from that whole compulsive Christmas vs polish-your-halo January?


Food for thought indeed, plus Stupid Idea of The Week gets taken over by Documentary of The Week (zero yuletide jumpers involved, I promise).



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