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The Eating Coach

Jun 10, 2020

…Starring The Failure of Willpower and a bright red pair of knitted shackles…

Have you ever considered that there might be hidden opportunities – hidden in plain sight, no less – to reclaim your life from food – opportunities that are available to you 24/7, but never more so than now, as we start to ease lockdown in many parts of the world.



 A few days ago, the statue of Edward Colston, the slave trader, was ripped off its plinth and thrown into Bristol Harbour. This is not brilliant idea of the week – why not? And if not, what is? And what has all this got to do with binge eating?



This episode begins by discussing how one of my group coaching clients, Helen, used one of  our strategies to discover some unexpected and empowering changes in her life.

However, the period that many of you are entering now – the easing of lockdown restrictions – presents some incredible opportunities to reclaim your life, not just from food, but from all the burdens you are carrying that really don’t belong to you.

This is a discussion that encompasses slow eating, the limits of willpower…and a bright red pair of knitted shackles.

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More details on the Colston statue here