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The Eating Coach

Sep 4, 2019

Today a Stupid Idea of The Week that does have a grain of truth about the causes of obesity. It is too easy to throw the baby out with the public health bathwater when it comes to OTT toxic nonsense. Yes, it’s Michael Buerk’s ridiculous anti-obese people rant. And yes, it does have something to push the debate forward…

Plus a partial replay of episode 28 from 2017: Own Your Food Compulsion.



…is Uncomfortability. This is more than discomfort, it is the ability to sit with discomfort and pain. Includes a hilarious quote from Stuart Wilde!




My disastrous “lonely hearts” story vs Moss from The IT Crowd. Lesson: If you have a problem, it is better to own it than hide it away in secrecy. I explore this from several different angles.



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Article about the Michael Buerk furore:



The Stuart Wilde quote and ideas come from the book Infinite Self

The IT Crowd: