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The Eating Coach

Jan 9, 2019

I present 6 guiding principles that will turn your January goal setting from falling off the cliff of good intentions and help you create sustainable change.



*Poem of The Week*

I wish my soul,

Was given to me on a plate,

I'd eat it whole,

So it can reintegrate.

Everybody took a piece,

Leaving me to feel emptier,

And emptier until the police,

Couldn't piece me together.

I can't digest a thing though,

It's what happens,

When all that you saw,

Was tough lessons.

But I'd try anyways,

To eat it whole,

It may take me years,

To get out of this manhole."

Sandie Brunet


*Main section* - How To Stick To Your 2019 Resolutions

PRINCIPLE #1 stars Anthony Robbins, your 2019 calendar, coffee and more. Find out what a creative challenge is, and if your new year’s resolutions falls into this category.


PRINCIPLE #2 takes us into the world of sport, about which your host knows just enough to coin the term ‘sport game’ for the first time ever in podcasting history. Spoiler: this one is about goals and why they are a terrible idea – and how you should rename them. I have 2 alternatives for you, and it’s really down to personal taste as to which one you choose.


PRINCIPLE #3 is temptation bundling. Temptation what?


PRINCIPLE #4 really breaks the back of traditional motivation. Your decidedly average positive thinker and Instagram poster will NOT like this. Incidentally, it works like gangbusters. Go figure. Find out what The Effortless Tipping Point is, and how you reach it.


PRINCIPLE #5 – Do a deal. Yes, but what kind of deal? And with whom?


PRINCIPLE #6 – I asked James Dean to pop in for this one. He said he was busy, but attends in spirit.



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