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The Eating Coach

Nov 17, 2022

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This is a replay of episode 88: How to eat less at Thanksgiving, where I give a useful reframe of that question to make the 24th November (as well as the whole of December) easier, more fun and less guilt-ridden. 



In 90 minutes, walk away with a rock solid plan for festive celebrating (24th Nov - 31st Dec) that will allow you to:

Fully celebrate the holidays without falling into compulsion

Know exactly what to do when you are faced with a pot luck spread the size of California or a shelf at work heaving with junk food

Use gamification to transform making the right choices into something that is actually fun 

Wake up on 1st January minus the hideous guilt from party binges

Enjoy rich, indulgent food with those you love

Swap fake pleasure for real pleasure 

See a real difference in your behaviour around party food and processed carbs without relying on self-belief or willpower 

And all for only £25!

Includes planning sheet

Sunday 20th November 8pm UK (3pm EST), repeated on Wed 30th November at 8pm UK (3pm EST).

Harriet Morris 

info (at)