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The Eating Coach

Oct 18, 2017

What has The IT Crowd and a disastrous pre-online dating story got to do with owning your food compulsion? Owning your food compulsion, that's what. In today's Eating Coach episode we also have a brand new word and of course Stupid Idea Of The Week.


Stupid Idea of The Week Describing The Ideal.

A few years ago I heard an interview with a health coach who said that the key to overcoming weight issues was that you have to believe you were worth it. What a load of nonsense! So many people are weaponising food to use against their own happiness. Pointing us to the detsination with no roadmap to change is no help at all. This is describing the ideal.


WORD OF THE WEEK Uncomfortability. This is more than discomfort, it is the ability to sit with discomfort and pain. Includes a hilarious quote from Stuart Wilde!



My disastrous "lonely hearts" story vs Moss from The IT Crowd. Lesson: If you have a problem, it is better to own it than hide it away in secrecy. I explore this from several different angles.



The Stuart Wilde quote and ideas come from the book Infinite Self

The IT Crowd: