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The Eating Coach

Mar 24, 2021

Welcome to The Shame Starvation Diet: The only regime in the world with no set meal plans,  but offers side effects like freedom from deprivation, feeling awesome at last AND reclaiming your life from food AND stupid toxic guilt!



Diets and wellness programmes that tell you exactly WHAT TO DO. Your Inner Food Rebel will not stand for that AND they are a breeding ground for toxic shame.



This is divided into several sections


#1 How food can be used to manage shame

-The difference between appropriate and inappropriate shame

-How compulsion expresses instead of proves the ‘truth’ of shame

- guilt vs shame

- The double function of compulsive eating when it comes to toxic shame


#2 What Is The Shame Starvation Diet


-Discussion of dealing directly with issues so you do not have to use food to deal with them vs shame that cannot be exactly ‘solved’


#3 Actions Change Beliefs

If you take actions that disrupt what your toxic shame is telling you is the truth (even though it’s a lie), you start to change a negative sense of self.

  • An example is given with meal planning
  • How your favourite film can help this process



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