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The Eating Coach

May 15, 2019

Today’s episode looks at 5 anti-compulsive eating actions you can take today – even if you don’t think you can stop yourself turning to food to manage your life.

You absolutely can.


…is that natural automatically = good. We all know this is a bit of a nonsense, but  how many times have we unwittingly fallen for the green packaging and exotic sounding ingredients list? Let’s dig into this most spurious of axioms.



The idea for today came from me reading what could be seen as a pretty depressing statistic about eating. But like so much raw data, we can look at the information differently and turn it to our advantage.


*How many food decisions we make on average a day

*How to reduce the overwhelm of your cravings

*How the supermarket environment can increase the buying of junk

*The devil’s advocate question in the last two minutes that puts a completely different spin on the whole episode



14 Days To Freedom from Sugar -

Article on natural not equalling good:


The Willpower Instinct is by Kelly McGonigal


Pauly Principle episode is here:


The episode on bread: