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The Eating Coach

Aug 30, 2017

There is a really popular & harmful myth about emotional eating - that if we could just banish those pesky rage/shame/grief feelings, all would be well and overeating would be a thing of the past. This is the wrong way to look at this issue. Find out why in today's episode.


This week:


*Episode 6 (Fatbook) update*

In episode 6, I talked about the fact that it is not enough to ration social media - we need to replace the connection-seeking we do via our newsfeeds and status updates with real interactions. Today I add another dimension to this: replacing the relaxation-seeking with something actually relaxing AND stimulating. Here it is:



*Stupid Idea Of The Week*

This week we have Josef Stalin guest starring. Stalin vs a bag of sugar. What's that all about? You may be surprised. Confession: I myself fell victim to this idea in the title of episode 4...


*A Modern Day Fairy Story*

The Three Little Pigs Meets Emotional Eating. And NOT how you think...



Hidden Sugars Checklist

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