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The Eating Coach

Aug 23, 2017

Today I challenge some of the language you use to describe your eating issues, and suggest some alternatives if the phrases you are used to are not actually serving you. Why addiction is a double edged sword. Plus Q and A and of course...


*Stupid Idea of The Week*

How one seemingly obvious and innocuous cliche about why some succeed with their health goals while others fail is actually toxic nonsense.


*ABC of Eating Psychology*

What do these words/phrases have in common:

  • addict/addiction
  • eating disorder
  • recovery


The answer is they all need to be treated with care. They may be serving you in your journey to reclaim your life from food - but equally could be entrenching your problems. Listen to work out which  is true for you - and some alternatives.


PLUS: the one phrase NEVER to use and one phrase you should be introducing into every conversation you have about food.


*Q and A*

This week we have a question about dealing with other people's resistance to you saying no to junk at social occasions and at work, plus of course how to deal with Aunty Flo (she is the one who takes mortal offence if you don't eat three slices of cake). Is it ever OK to lie on these occasions?




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