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The Eating Coach

Aug 16, 2017

Can a single five-word question really make a big dent in those stress-fuelled fridge raids? Over time, I do believe that it can. In today's episode I give you a new take on this very common binge and overeating trigger.


In the the show:


*Stupid Idea of The Week*

Could this have been the first celebrity diet, way back before everyone had a TV and technology was not even a twinkle in Bill Gates' eye? When you discover which mega star tried this piece of nutritional lunacy, you won't be even tempted to even consider it. 


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*Q and A*

This week we have a questiin about night time eating. What is going on when you come home from work and can't seem to find what you need, even though you are ravenous?


*How To Stop Stress Eating*

Stress seems to be as immoveable as our cultural addiction to junk food...or does it? 


Find out


*Why your body is wired to shut down digestion when the computer freezes or you argue with someone


*Why the big evening meal is sending a message to your brain that you never intend it to


*The 3 ways to stop stress eating


*What ‘stress innoculation’ is and how to get some


*The 5 word question that puts up a mental barrier (even if only temporarily) between you and any source of stress


*Our brain’s ‘stress recovery system’ that you will almost certainly never have heard of



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