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The Eating Coach

Jul 26, 2017

We all know we are getting too hooked on Facebook and all the other social media platforms. But has it occured to you that this digital addiction is encouraging eating problems and body hatred? In episode 6 I explore how...and give you a couple of more constructive suggestions than 'ration/get rid of it'. PLUS my first Q and A!


In today's episode:


*Stupid Idea of The Week* the very concept if the diet industry. Inhave a wicked quote from Arabella Weir and the implacable logic of lemons. Enjoy!


*Fatbook: The 4 Reasons You Are Using It As A Weapon Against Your Happiness*

Do you look at your phone before your partner when you wake up?


Do you run to the fridge when others' lives are being advertised to you in your Facebook feed, or to calm down after yet another Twitterstorm?


I check my phone more than I should. This is not an anti-technology argument. It is a keep it your servant, not make it your master argument. Find out how in this episode.


There are four reasons that social media is a playground for your eating and weight issues to run riot. I want to give you some thought-provoking ideas that will make you less of a slave to the false pull of the screen. 


Find out:


*How you can take a japanese public service ad and turn it into motivational fuel to achieve your goals around food and exercise


*A different kind of online virus that won't affect your computer...but it does affect YOU


*What emotional apartheid is


*How we ourselves are manufacturing our loneliness in conjunction with social media


*What cavebrain is


*How social media is creating a false kind of feeling if group belonging that also creates a gap that many fill with food


*What to do about all this (clue: rationing is NOT the most interesting thing I have to say on this subject)



*Q & A*

Our very first question is from Nick and I solve some of his confusion about carbs.


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Sound effects by the ever-splendid Zapsplat