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The Eating Coach

Jul 10, 2017

In this episode:


Stupid Idea of The Week

This week it is the treadmill bike. I actually changed my mind while researching what I now consider to be a fantastic fitness invention. Listen as I desribe my OWN (completely not BS) cheaper alternatives. And listen while you can, because these ideas will make me millions by this time next month.




Main Section - How to Have Better Body Image

I talk a little about the roots of my own body hatred which I carried for over 3 decades, and my exit strategy from this mental virus. I don't love my body 24/7 by any means, but I have found a way to love it and on bad days feel neutral about it.


I read a few short extracts from my book The A to Z..... 


*Airbrushed Perfectionism*


*Girl Power*


*Hidden Secrets of Body Confidence*


*Now You*


*What If I Just Can't Love My Body As It Is?*


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Got an eating question you want answering? Just email me : info (at) and I might answer it on air!