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The Eating Coach

Dec 12, 2018

Today I discuss  why men binge eat (as opposed to women), as well as the distinct solutions that I have seen work with my male clients.

Quote Of The Week

…comes from Marc David, founder of the whole eating psychology movement.


Main section

Men eat compulsively too. This under-reported issue affects more males than you would believe, so I thought it was time to devote an episode to the problem.

I discuss the three distinct ways that men differ from women when it comes to food compulsion, and three approaches that I have found work well with them. Please note that this episode necessarily involves a certain amount of generalising.

Male-specific Issues

#1 Isolation – although the women I coach feel that many people do not understand them, in my experience there is much less group support for men, even on the level of talking amongst friends.

#2 Career – men generally link work to their sense of self more than do women.  Find out exactly how, whether you are an ambitious over-achiever, or the opposite.

#3 Sexuality – both men and women use food to (mis) manage sexuality issues – but very differently.


In the second half, I discuss 3 approaches that I have found to be really effective. You’ll have to listen to discover exactly what they are, but you will find out:

*Why labelling junk food or any other addictive pastime or substance with the label ‘bad’ will backfire on you and make change harder

*The importance of having a role model – and the vital distinction that will lead to long-term success vs falling off the wagon a few weeks in

*The story of the New York food cart, and how imperfectionism allowed one client to overshoot his goal

*And much more!



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