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The Eating Coach

May 9, 2018

When I told my friend Jan to stop calling herself fat, and instead compare herself to Marilyn Monroe, she snorted “Yeah, Marilyn Monroe with Mount Etna for a tummy”. But then things changed – without her shedding a single pound. Find out why today.

Today I tell you the story of Jan, the weigh in addict – and how she managed to stop this daily practice.

Find out why I believe daily – and even weekly weigh ins are bad news for all of us.



Me buying a beauty magazine, that’s what! Find out why. You can see the cover I mention here:


MAIN SECTION: Jan’s Story – from Misery to Marilyn Monroe

Today I tell the story of a friend of mine, who we shall call Jan, and how she stopped weighing herself every day. What could possibly have made her stop? Listen and find out.

Reasons that daily weigh ins are counterproductive:

*If you increase your exercise in order to shed weight, you may well lose inches but gain pounds because muscle weighs more than fat, but takes up less room.

*Scales express a mistrust of the body. Why can’t how loose your clothes are be the indicator by which we judge our changing shape?

*Daily weigh ins satisfy a really unhelpful craving for instant gratification

*They tap into a perceived need for progress to be linear and smooth

*Daily weigh ins can help you achieve self-acceptance only as long as you never fall off the wagon – and so demand that you act like a robot.

None of these things, however, made an iota of difference to Jan's behaviour. So what did??? Find out the lesson Jan’s story also taught me about scale addiction.



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