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The Eating Coach

Apr 18, 2018

“If you are always using food to escape the uncertainties and pain of life, it will always be YOU who is the real prisoner”.



…comes from David Walliams’ The Boy In The Dress



The title of today’s episode I have taken from Shropshire’s favourite stand up comedian Greg Davies in his Netflix show You Magnificent Beast. Ever eaten to escape the uncertainties, pain and discomfort of life? If so, you’ve experienced what Davies calls Total Food Lockdown.

It’s using food as your life manager, instead of taking on that role yourself. It’s food as the instrument of the ego.


  • What exactly it is


  • The two ways that is such a powerful escape hatch from real life – or so it seems


  • The more empowering alternative to TFL and some practical ways you can implement this concept at your next meal…that means today!



5 Minute Willpower Game


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