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The Eating Coach

Mar 7, 2018

It's day 3 of your new healthy life. But wait! What is this? It's the towel, and you are sooooo ready to throw it in. When your motivation falls off a cliff, what can you do? Answer: Listen to this episode, where I reveal the superpower of change.

*(Not so) Stupid Idea of The Week*

Imagine if the health industry - and us - were forced to tell the truth about every product and plan created. Today I translate some of the funnier lies the peddlers of agave nectar and others tell.


*Main section*

How not to give up when you feel dejected by your own self sabotage.

We all know that small actions done consistently over time will reap huge rewards in any area of life. However, being human, we often fail to be 100% consistent. This is where the problem starts - dipping below that 100% mark is seen as failure. We need to replace this harsh perfectionism with imperfect action. Can you allow the slip up to NOT mean the end of the world?

I give you some replacements for the 'I'm no good at this' talk...statements and questions that are more neutral and demand an active response.



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