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The Eating Coach

Feb 21, 2018

This is the second part of how to stop stress eating. Today we bring the two topics of (1) preventing compulsion when you are under pressure, and then (2) managing those urges when they do occur. This is a much more realistic aim than completely wiping this problem out. I am joined by the cast of West Side Story (honest ;-)


*(Highly Ambivalent) Moment of The Week*

Replacing Stupid Idea of The Week, we now have Moment of The Week. This week courtesy of a department store window.

You can see the image if you go to:

*Main section: Stress Eating *

This talk is divided into 2 parts: Prevention and Management


#1 Manage Cavebrain - go back and listen to the previous episode for more on this.

#2 The other category of preventative measures that I am not going to name here in the shownotes, because it is used wrongly, and underestimated because of its unhelpful label. Clue: it begins with the letter R

#3 Reframing stress with one powerful 5-word question - even if you cannot find an answer to it immediately

#4 The substance you absolutely must experiment with eliminating



#1 Managing your environment

#2 Managing your hand when it wants to reach out for the junk




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